The Ta’ Qali National Park Project


This is one of the largest capital projects related to green spaces, which gives back to the Maltese and Gozitan people around 350,000 square metres of land. The project was launched in mid-2020, at the start of the pandemic, with a capital expenditure of about €80 million.

The project was divided into five phases, namely:

1) Embellishment of the Adventure Park;
2) Embellishment, regeneration and extension of the Formal Park, formerly known as the National Park. This project was originally designed by architect Joseph Spiteri but was never completed;
3) An open area and an area designated to host concerts, replacing the former concrete factory;
4) The construction of an underground parking lot;
5) Embellishment and regeneration of the picnic area, camping site and jogging track.

Ħ’Attard, Ta’Qali: Implementation of works related to the extension and embellishment of the formal garden at the National Park

Works commenced last year have continued during the current year and include the removal of the existing paving, the formation of reinforced concrete foundations and the laying of new cenia type paving in different zones and parts of the garden.

Work also continues on the Greek Theatre. Internal and external walls were completed, as was the laying of the in-situ quartz terrazzo flooring. These facilities have been converted into an art gallery/exhibition space and offices related to the same area, including administration and security of the garden.

Works have also been completed at the back of the theatre, particularly the stage and the facilities beneath it, so that these areas become accessible for people with disabilities and meet criteria and regulations against fires. Several structural alterations have been made and a lift has been installed to improve accessibility. The multi-purpose hall and the related wcs, showers and facilities are also ready, enabling various productions to be held in this open theatre.

Extensive work on the culvert system has been completed, servicing the whole garden. One can actually walk in the culverts, in order to prevent damage to the garden paving during repairs and future extensions of services. Additional trench work and laying of services has been implemented in several other areas in Ta’ Qali. These are intended to feed and support various projects which will be carried out in future in the same location.

The main portico has been restored and paved in cenia. Several rooms and wcs forming part of this building have also been finished. A new lighting system has been installed to enhance the beauty of these spaces.

Some trees and shrubs have been relocated during the garden’s extension. The latter has also involved the levelling and laying of materials and the formation of a reinforced concrete base on which an exposed aggregate concrete surface was later placed. This particular material was used instead of the one found in the rest of the garden so that this area is easily distinguished as an extension from the original design and the rest of the garden.

Additionally, rooms and garages have been constructed for future use by the National Park’s administrators. This building is meant to house vehicles, tools and/or machinery and supplies related to the park’s upkeep in future.

The third electricity sub-station has been built and finished and will be feeding the park. Four kiosks have also been constructed and integrated within the park. Two of them will serve as retail outlets, possibly as cafes, while the other two will be used as restrooms. The latter are now completely ready for use by the park’s visitors.

A pump room for the irrigation system has also been built, while extensive alterations have been made in the pump room that services the garden’s main fountain.

Regular inspections were conducted throughout the project to ensure that work was being carried out in line with the contract. Several changes were made, both in design and detail, to meet the project’s needs and various detailed plans were drawn up as works progressed. Works involved all aspects related to the execution and finishing of a building contract, including certification of completed work so that payment may be affected, regular inspections, testing of material, consultations and regular meetings with involved parties, including the client, the contractor, engineers and all related entities.

Works are ready except for some very minor issues, and the whole project is expected to be completed by January/February 2023.

Ħ’Attard: The construction of a parking lot at the National Park

The project involves the construction of a large two-storey underground parking lot. Works started recently and the site is currently being visited by the contractor and the third parties involved. Works are inspected continuously to ensure that the contractor is performing in line with the contract.

Ħ’Attard: The construction of a parking lot and bike park track at the National Park in Ta’Qali

Excavation works have been completed in order to build a two-storey underground parking facility which will be used by those who visit the National Park, the National Stadium, the basketball pavilion, the Aviation Museum and the concert area. The roof of the structure is planned to become a bike park.

Works were carried out through a tender and comprised the removal of Nissen Huts and excavation of the site.

Construction work on site has commenced and consists of excavation of foundations, both for the pillars and the boundary walls of the roads close to the project.

Since part of this tender was awarded as design and build, discussions were held with the consultant structural engineer recruited by the contractor for the drawing up of plans for the frame structure, namely structural plans for the pillars’ foundations, the pillars themselves, beams and ceilings.

Construction works started in October 2022 and should be completed during 2024.