Concert Area

Minister for Public Works and Planning Stefan Zrinzo Azzopardi visited Ta’ Qali National Park whereby extensive works are well underway in the Concert Area.

Minister Zrinzo Azzopardi explained how this area, consisting of a land area of 43,000 m², will be transformed into an open space that, apart from being used for large concerts and events, it will also serve as a recreational area for all the family. The minister explained that this project, which will cost around €14 million, is part of a much larger project that will see the complete regeneration of the Ta’ Qali National Park.

Perit Lorenz Buttigieg, in charge of the design, gave more details on the works that are being carried out.

This new space will consist of all the necessary facilities required to set up high profile mass events with innovative lighting technology and underground sanitary facilities. The concert area will be equipped with kiosks and bars. Around 1,500 trees and shrubs will be planted at this site together with natural turf covering the whole area. A newly constructed rainwater storage reservoir will be used to irrigate the site. This project is being coordinated by the Public Works Division.


Concert Area


36,256 sqm


9,000 pax



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