Picnic Area

The Ta’ Qali recreation complex offers a recreational spot known as the Picnic Area for all the family. It is situated between the BOV Adventure Park and the Formal Garden area within the Ta’ Qali National Park. This area offers an open space of approximately 6 hectares (58,459.10 m²) for the public to enjoy and families can have picnics. In the picnic area one can also find the dog park where dogs can socialise and play with other dogs.

Ambjent Malta is upgrading this area from time to time. New picnic tables have been installed underneath the trees for visitors to use. New park outdoor furniture such as wooden benches and sunshade structures (area of 72m2 each) are being installed in order to provide more shade and relaxation spaces for children and adults. The landscaping of this area was also upgraded by the planting of new trees Holm Oak and Aleppo Pine so as to enclose the area and provide more shade for the people that visit the Ta’ Qali Picnic Area. ​

This directorate will be installing new recycling bins in order to help more the public in the separation of waste and leave the area clean. More work at Ta’ Qali picnic area is in progress.


Picnic Area


64,775 sqm


16,000 pax



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